The Future of Oilheat

Heating oil has been keeping Pennsylvanians safe, warm, and comfortable for decades. And most of the nearly 1 million Pennsylvanians who heat with oil don’t realize that in the last few years, heating has gotten even better! Here are just a few of the improvements that you can share with your clients and improve your ability to market your oilheat listings:

  • Ultra-low sulfur fuel is becoming the norm. It’s the sulfur content in fuel that can lead to maintenance and system breakdowns. Ultra-low sulfur fuel virtually eliminates the sulfur and dramatically reduces system issues for homeowners.
  • Bioheat® is picking up momentum. Bioheat is a blend of regular heating oil and biofuels, which are made from soybeans, sunflowers, recycled cooking oil and other renewable materials. Bioheat is produced domestically, runs even cleaner than regular heating oil, further reduces system maintenance issues, and will pave the way for super high-efficiency systems to be installed. It’s the only truly renewable option among the traditional heat sources you will find in most homes.
  • Improvements in system efficiency are leading to even lower heating costs for homeowners in the Keystone State. Today’s heating equipment regularly boast ratings of 82-88% efficiency. And in a short while, we will see efficiency reach 90% and higher!

Cleaner, greener, and more energy efficient heating oil operations means happier homeowners and faster real estate sales! For more information about the future of oilheat, visit To learn more about Bioheat, visit Click here to order our FREE materials that can help you get the message across to buyers who are considering purchasing an oil-heated home.