Overcoming Objections

How to Respond to the Five Common Objections

Your clients will undoubtedly have questions that could throw you for a loop if you aren’t prepared to answer them. PRO$ wants to make sure that you are ready to handle whatever your clients ask you.

Here are five of the most common objections you’re likely to hear, and the responses that will help you sound like an oilheat expert and sell more oil-heated homes:

Objection #1: It’s the same old fuel…dirty and inefficient.

Your response: Thanks to major advances in technology, heating oil systems burn 95% cleaner than they did in the 1970s. Plus, as ultra-low sulfur Bioheat® fuel becomes more widespread in the coming years, home heating oil will move closer and closer to becoming a carbon-neutral fuel. This and other innovations within the industry will help to keep heating oil as a leader in America’s energy revolution. Read more about the future of Oilheat.

Objection #2: Oil tanks are big problems!

Your response: Sure, an old, leaking underground tank can be a problem. But the truth is that the likelihood of a leaking tank is very small. Plus, most of the homes that heat with oil have aboveground storage tanks, which are even less likely to cause any problems. And today’s tanks are double-walled and made of steel or heavy-duty plastic, offering even more protection from any problems. Read more about heating oil storage tanks.

Objection #3: It costs too much to heat a home with oil.

Your response: First, it’s notable that on the whole, the price of oil remained fairly stable over a seven-year period following a big drop in 2014. But there have been a lot of changes recently that have upended the markets, with leading disrupters being the COVID-19 pandemic, rising crude oil prices, increased demand, and a compromised supply chain that have caused a shortage of products across the board. If you would like to view a long-term history of all of the ups and downs in heating-oil prices in Wisconsin, please go here.

Objection #4: I don’t want my money going to support foreign countries.

Your response: The truth is that more than two-thirds of the heating oil used in the United States comes from the United States. We are producing more oil in the U.S. than at any other point in our history. And the heating oil companies in your neighborhood are locally owned, which means that you’re supporting local businesses and not some faceless corporation.

Objection #5: I’ve never lived in an oil-heated home before.

Your response: Nothing to worry about! There are so many benefits to living in an oil-heated home. For example, the flame inside the heating oil system burns hotter than any other type of system and so oilheat homeowners often report that their homes are warmer with a more even heat. And having a tank on your property gives you total control over your fuel supply. Also, you have so much choice about the company that delivers your oil and services your equipment. This way, you can select a company that best fits your needs and your budget. And heating oil companies are known for delivering top-notch service and support. So you can feel very confident knowing that you and your family are going to be well taken care of.