Listing or selling a property in New York that uses heating oil for fuel?

You’ve come to the right place! The Partnership for Realty and Oilheat Success (PRO$) is your one-stop resource to make selling oil-heated homes an easier and more profitable proposition.

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There’s a fine line between closing the deal and losing the sale. Sometimes the difference is just the right piece of information at the right time. PRO$ is here to help make your real estate business thrive. Our website is just one of the ways we can support you. Click here to learn more and happy selling!

  • “I fully support the (PRO$) program and every time we bring you in the group gets great answers to their questions. Well done!”

    —Charlie Vetter
    Manager, Weichert Realtors
  • “We had someone from your company speak at our office last year. Let’s schedule you to return. My agents need to hear this more than just once.”

    —Al Thistelton
    Office Manager, Coldwell Banker Currier & Lazier
  • “Absolutely fantastic information! I believe in education and this is top shelf!”

    —Patricia Cannizzaro
    Weichert Realtors
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