Realtor’s Edge Newsletter

Fall 2018

The Perfect Time to Market an Oil-Heated Home

The fall selling season may have begun to wind down, but when the weather turns cold, oil-heated homes leap into the forefront as an attractive option. (When temperatures drop into the single digits like last winter, people really appreciate the warmth that their oil-heated home delivers). Why are oil-heated homes so cozy? Heating oil generates […]

Share Some Energy-Saving Tips for Winter

Buyers look to their real estate agent as an expert and may ask questions about how they can save energy and money when they move into their new oil-heated home. Here are four tips you can pass along that your client may appreciate. Run ceiling fans in reverse Warm air rises, so if a home […]

Materials to Get the Listing or Attract the Buyer!

The Homebuyer’s Welcome Pack is a great addition to every open house of an oil-heated home. This pack, which includes the Homeowner’s Guide to Heating with Oil and the Guide to Heating Oil Storage Tanks, addresses the top questions, concerns and issues that buyers have and helps to drive interest and demand in your properties. […]